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Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND in her office at Norfolk Wellness Centre

Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND in her office at Norfolk Wellness Centre

If you are ready to take Over the Drivers Seat and Regain Control of your health and your life you are in the right place

Regardless of your current state of health, if you are feeling like there has got to be more to feeling well and living life - you are right. Whatever is going on in your health there are lifestyle choices you can make to change the path of your health future starting today.

Dr. Katie Thomson Aitken ND

Hi I'm Dr. Katie,


Tranquil Mind Naturopath

I use naturopathic medicine to help men and women who are serious about their health achieve lasting lifestyle changes that promote feeling well in their mind, body and spirit.

When I was a child, I was often sick, between asthma and ear infections my parents knew the emergency room nurses by name and there was always a bottle of antibiotics in the fridge. Then, in my parents search for a different way, I discovered naturopathic medicine. With some changes to my diet and few other things I was transformed from “that sick kid” into a robustly healthy child, but the biggest change was in my physical health, it was in my understanding of health and disease.

Our traditional medical system is there for you when you break down. It views the body as a machine and when something breaks it uses the tools of medication and surgery to fix it. This is great for acute concerns, accidents, and one off illnesses. Trust me if I was in an accident the first place I would want to go is the emergency room of my nearest hospital. However, our modern medical system has gaps in it. The approach of body as a machine to be repaired when broken doesn’t seem to translate well to cases of chronic diseases and mental health concerns. This is because it fails to take into account the impact that the mind has on the physical body and because the training of medical doctors is focused on their tool box of pharmaceuticals and surgeries.

But there is another way.

Naturopathic Medicine views the body not as a machine -  but as a combination of mind and body; As something impacted by your thoughts, your experiences and your own beliefs. As a child I fell in love with naturopathic medicine because I was empowered to take control of my own health and wellbeing.

I discovered that everything I needed to feel well was already inside me,

I just had to unlock it


Are you ready to level up your health and unlock your full potential for wellness?


Naturopathic Medicine Takes a Holistic Approach

Your visits will be customized to meet you where you are at in your own health journey, and will incorporate treatments as part of a holistic plan to help you meet all of your health goals. While each treatment plan is unique some of the tools I use in clinical practice are:

Acupuncture, Botanical Medicine, Homeopathy, Nutrition, and Lifestyle Medicine.


I know it can Be hard to try something new.

Maybe you’ve been to doctors before who did not listen to you or take your concerns seriously. Perhaps you have had other health care professionals label you in ways you feel are untrue or unhelpful. Or maybe you are just finished with the one problem / one pill model of healthcare. Here is what I want you to know:

1. Your capacity for wellness exists entirely inside you

I’m going to be completely honest with you, at my core I’m a vitalist. I believe that healing comes not from what I do or say but from a place deep inside each of my patients. I practice naturopathic medicine because I believe deeply in the healing power of nature. Everything I use to support my patients health and wellbeing works not only because it impacts a certain biochemical pathway in the body (although it often does) but because it stimulates that individuals own capacity for wellness.

2. There is no such things as a non-compliant patient

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t go back to see a coach, counsellor or doctor because you “didn’t do what they told you to?”  In my practice I hold the belief that there are no non-compliant patients just poor treatment plans. If you were unable to follow the recommendations I am always interested in WHY. Then we can work together to modify the plan into something you can successfully follow

3. Your experience inside your body is invaluable information

Literally no one else knows what goes on inside your body like you do. I can have all of your blood work, run specialized testing, have you complete standardized inventories, and use my empathic and intuitive skills to understand your experience to the best of my ability but none of that gives me the insight that you have as someone inside your own body. While I certainly look at other factors to get to the root cause of your concerns, establish an appropriate treatment plan and to monitor progress, it never replaces my number one source of information, your experience.


Ready to uncover your true health potential?


Here is how it works:

1. You Book Your Complimentary Consultation

Come, meet me, see my office, and ask your questions about my education or training, naturopathic medicine in general, and (what most people focus on) questions about your health and how my approach may be able to help you. During this conversation we can decide if this a good fit and how to move forward.

2. You Book Your Initial Consultation

We find a time for you to come in and share your health history, and complete an initial assessment of the severity of your anxiety, your lifestyle, and what else is going on in your health and in your life that may be contributing to your concerns

3. We Collaboratively Create a Treatment Plan and Book Your Follow Up Appointments.

This sets aside time just for you, to check in with your progress and receive treatment and support in achieving your health goals and creating the life you want.


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