Targeted Naturopathic Care

One of the guiding principles of naturopathic medicine is to teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine. In addition to identifying the root cause of your symptoms, and providing individualized treatment my programs are designed to teach the healthy living skills you need to feel well.


Tranquil Minds Anxiety Program

Good mental health is a product of the mind and the body. Dr. Katie's signature Tranquil Minds Program assess the severity of your anxiety, and the pillars of mental wellness: sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness & connection, and gently guides you towards a lifestyle that is healthy for your Mind and Body. Completed in 6 visits over 12 weeks this step-by-step process will help you create calm in your life.


Tranquil Minds For Kids   

Anxiety is the most common psychiatric disorder in children, affecting 1 in 8 kids. Dr. Katie gently assess children's anxiety and home life habits. She then works with the family to make sustainable changes to help the child Build Healthy Habits. Supplements are prescribed as required to help Balance The Nervous System. Patients are referred as needed for additional support so they can Blossom into their highest potential. 


TBI and Concussion Support

Dr. Katie developed an interest in brain injury support through personal experience. As a family member of a brain injury survivor Dr. Katie knows the tolls brain injury can take on an individual and their caregivers. TBI and Concussion Support focuses on reducing neuroinflammation through diet and supplements. Treatments are often combined with acupuncture for effective pain relief.