I Worked with the Lunar Cycle for 2 Months: this is what I learned

I’m always intrigued at anything that claims it will help increase your productivity by working with your body. As an accidental entrepreneur I’d rather spend my time working with patients than working on the business side of my business. So when a friend passed on this info graphic on working with the lunar cycle I was intrigued. I added the lunar calendar to my google cal and did my best to schedule myself with the cycle in mind. Here’s what I learned.

  1. I had the most energy around the full moon. The full moon filled me with the type of energy that made me feel like getting anything done was possible. Going to bed seemed like a nuisance because once there I hardly slept. My head was full of thoughts and I just wanted to do something about them.

  2. I needed the most sleep at the new moon. The lack of sleep didn’t bother me at the full moon but come new moon I switched to full restoration mode. After 8 hours in bed I still wanted to sleep. I also found myself retreating to my room for some rest and quite. 
  3. Clutter and mess became unbearable before the new moon. Things that could exist outside my awareness for weeks, suddenly became irritating sources of distraction and interrupting my peace. I hate housekeeping, but suddenly laundry got put away, floors were being swept twice as often, a stacks of paper got filed out of sight.
  4. My introvert and extrovert tendencies changed. I’ve always suspected I was more in between being an introvert or an extrovert. I love being with friends, I hate eating alone, but I’d also rather do something on my own than hang out with a group at times. What I didn’t realize is that, for me, these tendencies changed in predictable ways. With all my full moon energy, I wanted nothing more than to go out with friends and be social. Come the new moon I craved more alone time and deeper connections.
  5. My patient flow changed during the lunar cycle. Although I wasn’t shocked to find that my behaviour changed with the moon I wasn’t expecting to find a noticeable difference in the behaviours of others. I had more new bookings around the full moon, it was as if people in general were feeling more motivated. During the new moon, my practice was quieter and had more cancellations than at other times of the lunar cycle. 

The most helpful part of this exercise for me was the turning in; I had to look inside myself and identify my feelings, energy, and the projects I could be most productive with. I also wondered about how hormone changes through the menstrual cycle, which for many women is the same length as the lunar cycle, may also contribute to the changes in mood and energy I experienced. Working with the lunar cycle was a positive experience, and something I will probably keep in mind in the future. Overall it was a success, I only wish I had found when the best time to do bookkeeping is! If anybody has figured out that one, let me know!