Top 5 Natural First Aid Kit Must Haves

Summer is a busy time. Many of us use the warm weather to spend more time outdoors having fun and being active. But sometimes we fall and scrape our knees in the pursuit of fun. Or get a bit of a sunburn because we were having way to much fun to think about reapplying our sunscreen. Or withstand the odd mosquito bite to enjoy a glass of iced tea on the deck/dock/patio. So here is a list of what you can throw together to treat most minor injuries whether your on your deck or visiting a cottage!

  1. Calendula Salve. Summers are filled with skinned knees and BBQ burns. Calendula can help heal any minor skin injury. It's important to only use calendula topically and not on deep cuts or open wounds. 
  2. Homeopathic Arnica. Arnica is your magic bullet for minor bumps, bruises, and falls.  Anything that is going to bruise could use a quick dose (2 pellets) or homeopathic arnica under the tongue. Anyone claiming "I'm OK" or "Don't touch me!" after a fall is a great candidate for homeopathic arnica. 
  3. Electrolyte Replacement. So you spent a little to long in the sun (and maybe had a drink or two while you were out there)? No problem, electrolytes are your friend. Grab a glass of water and mix in some emergen-C/Ester-C/other similar nutrient drink package. Feeling up for a challenge - make an electrolyte replacement drink from scratch! 
  4. Tea Tree Essential Oil. This antimicrobial essential oil is great for skin rashes. It can help relieve bug bites and used in a carrier oil or mixed with water, and witch hazel, can be used as a mild bug spray. Remember Tea Tree oil is strong and can be quite drying on skin. 
  5. Coconut Oil. The myths are mostly true, coconut oil does a lot of things for your body. It's moisturizing capabilities help soothe sunburns and other wounds. It has mild antimicrobial properties that combat rashes and its even mildly sun protective (not enough to go without sunscreen though).

So there you go! 5 things to get your first aid kit ready this summer! Want more natural first aid tips? Come out to my Free Natural First Aid Seminar this Tuesday June 9th @ Norfolk Chiropractic Wellness Centre @ 7pm. Spots are limited so reserve yours today by calling 519-827-0040 or emailing