Relieve: How Natural Therapies Can Help Manage Stress In the Moment and Over Time

I can't tell you the number of times someone has come into my office with a concern and asked me "is this all in my head" "do you think I'm making this up" or exclaimed "maybe I have a chemical imbalance" or "I think this is my hormones" A lot of the time there seems to be this either/or mentality. Either this is all in my head, or my head is fine it's my body that's got a problem with it.  I tell everyone the same thing. It's not either/or, it's both.

Our thoughts and emotions exist in our bodies as molecules. They create and shape or physiology just as our physiology creates and shapes our thoughts and emotions. 

That's all well and good Dr. Katie but what do I DO about this? 

Naturopathic Support for stress and anxiety looks at both the mind and the body together and supports you both in the moment and over time. Therapies are combinations of things you do (like breathing, exercise, changing how you eat and self care) and things that you take (such as teas, nutritional and botanical supplements and homeopathic remedies.) 

Want to get started now? Check out my tree meditation and feel calmer in 3 minutes.


Dr. Katie