Taking the Hurrying out of the Holidays

Holidays can be stressful! All the hustle and bustle. Travel. Family Obligations. It's easy to get overwhelmed in the shoulds and musts of the season and end up back to work in January feeling like you need a holiday from your holiday! But the holiday season can be restful. Here are my top 5 tips for creating some calm this holiday season.

#5 Do Less

Seriously. Just say no to some things. Set aside days where you have nothing planned. This creates space to sit and have a cup of hot chocolate or go for a skate and enjoy the season in an unstructured way.  

#4 Focus On Things You Enjoy

What gives you energy? I don't know many people who enjoy cooking AND baking AND home decorating AND letter writing AND iceskating AND whatever other holiday activity it seems like everyone on Pinterest is doing. Pick the activities that give you joy and energy and let the ones you don't enjoy go. 

#3 Set Your Boundaries

How much of your holiday time is spent pleasing other people? It's wonderful to spend time with loved ones but when time and traditions become dreaded obligations its time to reconsider what's best for you and set appropriate boundaries. 

#2 Keep Up Your Routine

What do you do on a day to day or week to week basis that keeps you on track? It might be meal planning, going to the gym, or just pouring yourself a cup of tea and taking a few minutes to yourself in the evening. Often the holidays have so much going on our routines fall by the wayside in times when we need them the most!

#1 Know What YOU Need

Take some time to reflect. What was good about last year? What wasn't so great? Think about your favourite holidays and ask yourself WHY they were enjoyable.

Feeling like this is easier said than done? Come on out to one of my live holiday workshops in Guelph and get some guidance working through the details. I'm hosting an Advent focused event at Dublin Street United Church and a secular holiday talk at Goodness Me. Did I mention they are free? Hope to see you there!