Live: Spend Less Time Worrying and More Time Living Your Passions

If you are reading this blog than I'm away from my office right now. That's right, vacation, I'm in my first year being self employed and I'm away right now, catching up on beach time, book reading, playing with the neiphlings and probably sampling some county wine.  So why am I telling you this? Because planning to take vacation, and then actually taking the vacation is, how I want to live. 

Just liking guiding people through stressful life periods is a passion of mine, I'm also passionate about spending time with my family. By getting to know myself and connect with my higher self and what I want from life it lets me create almost like a mission statement. When you are connected with your passion you can live your life with purpose and design your life around living your dreams. 

I'll share another secret with you today. I'm not writing this post from the beach. In fact, I wrote it 2 weeks ago from my office. Why? So I could be in the moment right now when I'm away from work. For my life, work/life harmony means being where I am and practice being present in what I'm doing. This mindfulness practice increases productivity and lets you focus on where you are while breaking the worry cycle of thinking about places you aren't and things you can't deal with in the moment. 

So what's with all the honesty today? Why share so much? Because expressing what's going on for me, acknowledging emotions, brings me piece of mind. Being able to speak your truth, wether literally through tea with a friend or written into a journal, or figuratively by creating or appreciating art or music, sets those emotions free.

Follow your passion. Live in the moment. Speak your Truth. 

Love, Dr. Katie