On Feeling Overwhelmed: The #1 way to know what you need to feel at peace again

This morning I felt a little off. I didn't sleep well last night and as I prepared to go to work I felt sad and tired, like I'd rather have a day in bed than head into work. It's been a busy few weeks for me. We ran 2 workshops the past 2 Tuesday evenings, I traveled for work over the past weekend, and in general had just put in more hours than usual. This week is looking like more of the same with extra work things booked into hours I usually use to take care of myself and my home. 

I took a breath and checked in with myself; I found I was feeling overwhelmed. Knowing I had some time booked off soon,  I checked my calendar and discovered I just had to keep this up until... Easter. My face fell and I wanted to cry. I knew I needed some space before then and so I made up my mind - I would take a day off. As soon as the thought of this came into my mind I felt more peaceful. 

I arrived at work, checked my schedule and booked off the next available day. I felt a weight lift. To me this is the radical self love I encourage in my work, and work to practice for myself. When you love what you do, it's hard to remember you can't spend all your waking hours working on it. Your mindbody needs rest, and when I didn't schedule enough of it in, my mindbody let me know. 

These messages from our bodies are gifts. What is your body telling you? How can you honour its needs today?

Love, Dr. Katie